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Russian Cash flows to Clinton Foundation

The story in the New York Times isn't about fundraising for a worthy cause but the acquisition of Uranium mining facilities by Russia 

As a military conflict drags both Russia and the US into Ukraine its a pretty scary scenario to be handing Russia the material for nuclear weapons, but then as we've said in the past, "profit and numbers have no conscience". .

No, every company isn't a social enterprise

"Isn't every company a social enterprise?" asks Eric J. McNulty, the director of research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative

He goes on to point out what he sees as 4 fallacies

1. Having a business adopt a social mission is special or different.

Bugger that, Baron Bichard - it's your turn to help

I understand you've made a call for greater community service by those of us in retirement -

"retired people should do community work or face losing part of their pension so as not to be a burden on the state."

Outside of what I do locally in Gloucestershire, my colleague and have focussed on those who are a burden on the state in Eastern Europe, name childten institutionalised through the circunstances of their being

Private sector partnership bollocks

"The Private-Sector Partnership Model represents a mutually beneficial relationship between a for-profit company and a nonprofit social enterprise. Relationships are forged on commercial grounds, whereby each partner is a contributor to the commercial success of the venture. The partnership adds value or enhancesthe nonprofit social enterprise by increasing its viability, and hence its social impact, either directly by reaching more clients through its business model, or indirectly by generating funding for social programs.

Social Enterprise: Delusions of Collaboration

In September 2015 York St John University will be hosting a conference on collaboration

Mandelson and Risby to save Ukraine?

Speaking of social enterprise as Business Secretary he'd once said that his department was "helping firms which help others"

We weren't seeing much of that at the time as a social enterprise operating in Ukraine, where we'd delivered a Marshall Plan' proposal to their government two years earlier.

At the time what it said about applying capitalism for social benefit was radical, since the economic crisis had yet to happen.

My Pitch to Rich was a 'Marshall Plan'

Business - "It's simply an idea that makes someone else's life better" says Sir Richard Branson

We may have argued that , but it gave me the nagging feeling that the life I'd made better was his.   .

Is Martha Lane Fox right about women in power?

"Imagine a new kind of digital organisation, diverse and independent but with a strong mandate from government. It would fight for civic, public projects to balance the power of the commercial internet. It could be the catalyst we need to shape the world we want to live in and Britain’s role in that world. It would help us address some of the biggest issues we face, but it would also engage with people in a new, radical way. In fact, I probably wouldn’t call it an institution at all. This would be no normal public body."


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