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The Omidyar experience in Ukraine

It was around 2005, as I recall that Pierre Omidyar launched and along with fellow travellers in social enterprise I was keen to join in the conversation. With this and Skoll's Social Edge network the Ebay founders reeled us in.

At the time, we'd been operating in Ukraine alongside local Maidan activists, who'd allowed us editoral permission on their blogging platform.

LAPD shoot homeless man dead but who passed sentence?

Known to locals as 'Africa', a man with mental health issues he was gunned down today on the streets:


What came to mind immediately were the words of my late colleague who was living on the streets when we got together in 2003:

In Defence of Community Benefit Societies and People-Centred business

In the Guardian Last month, George Monbiot drew our attention to limitations placed on community energy initiatives by recent legislation, pointing out that:

Soros calls for a 'Marshall Plan' for Ukraine

In his appeal, George Soros argues that it’s not enough for the European Union to simply punish the Russians. Rather, there is an urgent need to actually aid the Ukrainians and to prevent popular living standards from collapsing any further than they already have.

'Who is my neighbour?" ask C of E bishops

With a 52 page critique of our political culture a group of bishops fron the Church of England draw attention to the divide in our society

“There is a deep contradiction in the attitudes of a society which celebrates equality in principle yet treats some people, especially the poor and vulnerable, as unwanted, unvalued and unnoticed,” the bishops write.

The Green Party supports an economy that puts people first

I have to admit I didn't discover it until recently but the core values of the Green Party seem very much aligned with our activism. 

It was in 1996, that our founder delivered our position paper to President Clinton at the White House. In the core argument, now our manifesto for People-Centered Economics,. it concluded:

Australia's forgotten children

In a recent report on children held in detention a recent Australian Human Rights Commission report describes their Forgotton Children.

"The evidence documented in this Report demonstrates unequivocally that prolonged detention of children leads to serious negative impacts on their mental and emotional health and development. This is supported by robust academic literature.

People over profit in the Forest of Dean

The argument that business can operate for the benefit of a community just as well as it can for a handful of individuals is longstanding, going back for us to our position paper for an alternative to capitalism, which delivered a warning to the US President on the risk of social unrest.

By 2009 the warning to an international conference was of the risk to our survival as a species

If you can't change the world, change Deloitte

Witrh a 'Manfesto for Passion' John Hagel  of Deloitte says this of the need for change in the 21st century

Paul Polman: "A purpose-driven business can be profitable"

“A purpose-driven business can be profitable,” Paul Polman told journalists at last month’s annual results meeting. “I don’t know where this notion that it can’t be comes from. Must be because of what you write.”


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