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Paul Polman - The Bottom Line and Peace in Ukraine

With an article for Huffington Post, Unilever's CEO, Paul Polman wrote in October last year of 'Where the Moral Compass Meets the Bottom Line saying:this of new business models:

"When people talk about new forms of capitalism, this is what I have in mind: companies that show, in all transparency, that they are contributing to society, now and for many generations to come. Not taking from it.

Marshall Plan: Profiting from misery in Ukraine

It was one of those moments when a familiar quote just jumps of the page. A quote from a former US Secretary of State which had been included in a 'Marshall Plan' for Ukraine.

'The original Marshall Plan came from U.S. Secretary of State George Marshall in a speech delivered at Harvard University on June 5, 1947:

Sustainability - White, middle class and safe?

It wasn't the first time this had struck me - that those talking about people and planet are usually focussed to a far greater extent on the latter, but it was underlined when Charles Eisenstein wrote recently on the matter of racism.

Sir Richard Branson: Peace in Ukraine

We all have a responsibility to work towards in , so that people can thrive without putting their basic human rights at risk. Join us in this call for peace. We will do our best to ensure that your voice is heard by political leaders.

Capitalism, Consciousness and Catholic Social Teaching

Blogging for Respublica Joanne Green of Catholic Social Teaching writes:

"Whilst staying silent on a preferred model of economic organisation, CST’s most fundamental challenge to the market, business and economy is that it must have a purpose and that purpose must be to serve wider society and indeed, the common good.  The Common Good can be summed up as seeking the good of all people, with no group or individual being left out"

#Socialeconomy - the best ideas from the left and right

The amalgam of Margaret Thatcher with Che Guevara, is part of a new poster campaign to persuade politicians to support the social economy as we move toward a general election next year. It will certainly start some of them thinking , we hope.

it was something we'd tried to do in a less prominent way when we called on New Labour in 2004, saying:

The (not so) Great Business Debate

I ought to know better, from my experience of social enterprise that when it comes to business, debates are never open and inclusive.

What the hell, I'm an athiest and I'll soon be going there. So I jump in with an article asking "What is the purpose of business"

I'm referred to the same question being asked by the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Nichols  

#Ukraine - Where Social Enterprise isn't

In the Great Business Debate, on business and the community I have shared my article on the purpose of business. I focus today on our work in Ukraine.  :  

Inequality - The real circular economy

It was a recent conversation with Felecia Bute of Organising for America which prompted this thought. She's drawn attention to lack of education and opportunity which so many experience in the United States. As she put it:

"Young people no jobs, join the military, no education go to jail."

It resonated strongly with how we'd observed the impact of inequality in Ukraine:


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