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Does GoDaddy have Russian investors?

This I wondered today when learning of how the Maidan civil rights web site was being blocked from Naltalka Zubar. Apparently it was closed following a Russian complaint. 

In his 1996 paper on people-centred economics, our founder Terry Hlaman wrote:

"As Alvin Toffler predicted in Power Shift, where once violence and then wealth were dominant forms of power, information is now becoming the dominant power. Those nations with the greatest freedom of information and means of transmitting it have now become the most powerful and influential, and the strongest economically. Toffler also predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union would come about due primarily to its authoritarian control and limiting of information. Unfortunately for Russian citizens, this old habit has continued for them beyond the collapse of the former Soviet Union and will at the least make an interesting case study on the survivability of a once strong nation which still remains committed to limiting and controlling information."

Working alongside activists in Ukraine he exposed the widespread corruption in institutional care with his' Death Camps, For Children' articles for Maidan. When he died in 2011 a Maidan leader who discovered his body paid tribute to his efforts. The same leader who wrtes today of the web site blocking.  GoDaddy also hosts the site you are reading this from now.

Describing childcare institutions known as psychoneurological internats, the Death Camps article drew attention to a culture of secrecy.quoting Human Rights Watch 

“It is a pity that a vise of secrecy and fear, reminiscent of Soviet times, has tightened around the isolated world of Russia’s state orphanages. Many dedicated orphanage staff and foreign volunteers begged us not to reveal their names, or the institutions in which they worked. Russian workers, they said, would be fired for talking to an outsider. Foreign charity workers would be expelled from the institutions and the doors slammed on humanitarian assistance. This would further isolate the system which they felt a desperate need to improve. We have respected these requests.”

He called on USAID for support in an anti-corrution network and a ''Marshall Plan' proposal targetting the people in greatest need .  In her tribute to Terry, Natalka shared part of the letter wich was copied to the Sanate committee on Foriegn Relations. At the time the current POTUS was a member and his VP, the chairman.

"I am writing to you to request your support in advancing critical relief for Ukrainian citizens – with first focus on children in state care, the worst result of Ukraine’s political machinations. This is mentioned in some detail in “A Marshall Plan for Ukraine” referenced at the end of this document."

In 1999 Terry had travelled tp Russia at his own expense to source the Tomsk Regional Iniaitive and was later blocked from returning after refusing to pay a bribe. In this he joins with venture capitalist Bill Browder whose lawyer Sergey Magnitski was murdered in a Russian jail.

An ordinaray man of course, does not have as much access to democracy as a venture capitalist.