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Community before Profit in the Forest of Dean


The slogan for Yorkley Court Farm is Community Before Profit and they're taking a stand against local property developer, Brian Bennett.

Think Pottersville in 'It's a Wonderful Life' and you'll have the image. Bennett wants to build a new village    

Bennett has allegedly bought the 180 acre site from a solixitor who claims to have been the rightful owner. it's a very murky affair.   

It turns out that deeds went missing and one Michael Barnard of Barnard & Co was investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority  

Barnard filed for Bankruptcy and fled overseas, leaving the custody of the farm in the hands of a colleague. There was no explanation of why having traced the descendents of the oeners, they had not been contacted.

The eco farmers were refused planining permission by Forest of Dean council on the grounds of their plan not being financially viable. By what authority can they do this? 

There's little doubt that Bennett will be making another attempt at eviction soon after he takes "ownership" in 2 daya time on Thurs 12 March     

Below are some of the things needed to oppose the anticipated action 


Tinned food, snacks and any other food
Toilet roll
Building materials
Waterproof boots
Climbing equipment
Poly – prop rope
Camo net
Jerry cans