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Bugger that, Baron Bichard - it's your turn to help

I understand you've made a call for greater community service by those of us in retirement -

"retired people should do community work or face losing part of their pension so as not to be a burden on the state."

Outside of what I do locally in Gloucestershire, my colleague and have focussed on those who are a burden on the state in Eastern Europe, name childten institutionalised through the circunstances of their being

I quiote from a proposal for cross sector collaboration described as a 'Marshall Plan; for Ukraine

"Childcare reform as outlined above will pay for itself in reduced costs to the state. It will need investment for about five years in order to cover the cost of running two programs in parallel: the existing, extremely problematic state childcare scheme, and the new program needed to replace it for the purpose of giving children a decent life. The old program will be phased out as the new program is phased in. After this phase transition is complete, the state will from that time forward pay out less money for state childcare. Children will have a better life, and will be more likely to become healthy, productive assets to the nation rather than liabilities with diminished human development, diminished education, and the message that they are not important – the basis for serious trouble. There is no need whatsoever to give these children less than a good quality of life as they grow and mature. The only problem is reorganization of existing resources.”

Naturally it won't be palatable to those who have asset stripped this country and use their wealth to grease the wheels of our own system. Nor for those for whom turning a blind eye to child abuse had becone a cultural norm.

It comes to my attention that one of Ukraine;s oligarchs wants to create a 'Marshall Plan' for Ukraine and he's going to get the help of 3 of your colleagues at the House if Lords  I refer to Lords Mandelson, Macdonald and Risby who have alinged themselves with the interests of Dmitri Firtash.

Put aside the thought that UK politicians might support a UK based social enterprise and the cause oif human rights. There can be little doubt that this group will absorb our work under the guise of open consultation.

It won;'t be the first time. We've already seen our wotk on a social enterprise development centre pushed aside by The Brithish Council ander the leadership of Lord Kinnock.Your colleagues have neither the skills nor the moral courage to lead such an initiative, there's only one way to describe them -,greedy spineless predators.  Wilful blindness to the matter of child abuse isn't anything new to your colleagues.

Given the sum proposed, 300 billion dollars, perhaps 3 times the entire EU budget, it could be reasoned that in helping those who help themselves, these Lords could be considered top of the list when it comes to creating a burden on the state. 

Our work wasn't intended to benefit them, it was focussed on those in greatest need. 

"Whether by intent or default, rural PN [psychoneurological -- ed.] facilities have become money farms and money laundries having almost nothing to do with child care. Kids are thrown in at age 4, often with barbaric and draconian misdiagnoses, and essentially left to die from neglect. They are not there for medical help. They are there to justify government budget expenditures out into the middle of nowhere in places most people haven’t reason to know about and thus no reason to ask or care about. When folks do know about it, they almost without exception do not dare to speak openly about it. These facilities have been extremely difficult to research. University professors, social protection officers, pediatricians, judges, lawyers, doctors and ordinary citizens who have some knowledge of PNs all understand full well that PNs are hands-off and people do NOT ask questions about them."