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Charity, Churches and Cheap Chips as Food for the Soul

Last year Graham Riches an emeritus professor from Canada expressed his dismay at an All Party Parliamentary group's report on Feeding Britain. The core strategy for dealing with the issue of food poverty is based on engaging church and charity with supermarket.

#Ukraine: US neo-conservatives at the gates

Submitted by Terry Hallman on Tue, 2005-08-02 14:21.

Take the worst of the worst mindless Bush supporters in the US, clone them in Ukraine, and you end up with an emerging religious cult that preaches high-minded ideals but believes in – and fully expects and hopes for – Armageddon, death, massive destruction, and the end of the world.

Has Syriza just made B Corporations redundant?

The concept of corporate social responsibilly has evolved over the past couple of decades to argue for business which delivers profit with purpose. The mantra has been doing well by doing good.

B Corporations are but one of these forms which demonstrate their impact through sustainability reporting, yet this often makes one omission - people.

Quantitative easing: Helping people not banks

it was in March 2009, with the opportunity to pitch to an international conference that our founder made the following point about quantitative easing in his presentation on Economics in Transition:

The question Pope Francis struggled to answer

Pope Francis was moved to embrace a tearful abandoned girl at a university in Manila after she asked why God allows children to become prostitutes.

Glyzelle Palomar wept as she asked the Pope: “Many children get involved in drugs and prostitution. Why does God allow these things to happen to us? The children are not guilty of anything.”

NHS privatisation: Profit over People

"Capitalism is the most powerful economic engine ever devised, yet it came up short with its classical, inherent profit-motive as being presumed to be the driving force. Under that presumption, all is good in the name of profit became the prevailing winds of international economies — thereby giving carte blanche to the notion that greed is good because it is what has driven capitalism.

Concerns over BIG Lottery international funding

An Open Letter to Big Lottery about funding for oligarchs and derivative prolects

Dear Sirs,

As I've recently become aware BIG Lottery had been running an intiative to fund development international communities. I understand that this has ended.

Having applied for Big Lottery funding in the past I have concerns which I wish to express to you.

Profit-with-Purpose - Social entrepreneurship is a distraction

In 2012 with her book on The Shareholder Value Myth, it was Cornell law professor Lynne Stout who argued that there was no law which made it a duty of corporations to maximise profits.

She goes on to say that the corporations that fail to address the needs of other stakeholders are doomed to extinction,

#Inclusion: Social Business and the Catholic Church

In 2014 in the Great Business Debate initiated by the CBI Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster asks - Should business have a socially responsible purpose?

A Brief History of Social Enterprise in Ukraine

In 2002/3 P-CED's founder spent several months developing a social enterprise strategy plan for Crimea's Tatars and was interviewed in 2004 by a diaspora leader


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